You’ll soon be able to install apps on your iPhone from a website

The practice known as “sideloading,” where third-party apps are installed from outside of a native app store, has been an option for Android users for some time.

It was never possible to sideload applications on Apple’s iOS. After opening the floodgates last month, the tech giant is making some additional changes to its restrictions Page loads to comply with European Union (EU) legislation.

In response to the EU Digital Markets Act, which aims to maintain competition in the technology industry, Apple has made adjustments to its app policy.

Specifically, a new program aimed at this called Web Distribution is being introduced allow developers to offer their applications directly on their websiteand not just on the App Store or through third-party app stores that comply with the new rules announced last month.

Similar to sideloading on Android devices, this means that iOS users can now download third-party apps directly from the internet in some cases.

However, Apple has included several provisions– For example, EU developers must be enrolled in the Apple Developer Program. You must also have a good track record and app downloads are only permitted through a domain registered in App Store Connect.

This means that alternative third-party websites, for example with app downloads, are not useful for iOS device users. Developers must also disclose how they use app user data. In connection with the Apple Developer Program, as it exists in the EU, small fees must also be taken into account.

If you own an iPhone and live in the EU, you will notice the change after installing the iOS 17.4 update. To reduce security risks for iOS device users, Apple is also introducing an authentication process.

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This means that all apps are checked before they are installed on a device., similar to Google Play Protect measures. More malware protection is expected to be introduced to iOS products in the near future.

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