Apple still doesn’t approve the new Spotify app that shows alternative prices

Apple’s ongoing dispute with Spotify has taken a new turn as the tech giant refuses to approve the latest Spotify app update in the European Union. The update aimed to provide users with alternative subscription prices and payment options without the need for in-app purchases. However, Apple has blocked this update, citing Spotify’s refusal to pay a commission for purchases made through external links.

Apple’s Violation of its Own Review Process

Spotify claims that Apple did not respond to their request for approval, which goes against Apple’s own statement that submitted apps will be reviewed within 24 hours. This lack of action from Apple has prevented Spotify from providing EU consumers with the information and choices they deserve within their app.

The European Union’s Digital Markets Act (DMA) requires Apple to allow music streaming apps to include external purchase links. However, Apple’s updated rules still enforce a commission charge on these purchases. This has led Spotify to accuse Apple of violating European law.

Apple’s Response to the DMA

In response to the DMA, Apple introduced the Music Streaming Services Right for music streaming apps in the European Economic Area (EEA). This allows developers to include a link to their website for alternative purchasing options. However, Apple still requires developers to use its in-app purchase system and pay a commission for purchases made through external links.

While the DMA also permits Spotify to distribute its app to EU users outside of the App Store, it requires the company to pay a fee for each user. This further complicates the relationship between Apple and Spotify, as Spotify believes that these fees are unfair and hinder their ability to provide affordable options to consumers.

The Impact on EU Consumers

The ongoing battle between Apple and Spotify has significant implications for EU consumers. The lack of approval for Spotify’s update means that users are unable to access alternative subscription prices and payment options within the app. This restricts their ability to make informed choices and find the best deal for their music streaming needs.

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Furthermore, the requirement for Spotify to use Apple’s in-app purchase system and pay a commission on external purchases limits competition in the market. This can result in higher prices for consumers and restricts the ability of other music streaming services to compete with Apple’s own offering.

Spotify’s Fight for Fairness

Spotify has been a vocal advocate for fair competition in the music streaming industry. The company believes that Apple’s practices, such as charging a commission on external purchases and restricting alternative payment options, hinder innovation and limit consumer choice.

By highlighting Apple’s violation of European law and the impact on EU consumers, Spotify aims to bring attention to the need for fair and transparent practices in the app store ecosystem. The company continues to push for changes that will benefit both Spotify and other app developers, as well as the millions of users who rely on these apps for their music streaming needs.

The Road Ahead

The battle between Apple and Spotify is far from over. As both companies strive to protect their interests and maintain their market dominance, it is ultimately the consumers who are caught in the middle. The outcome of this dispute could have far-reaching implications for the app store ecosystem and the future of competition in the music streaming industry.

As Spotify continues to fight for fair treatment and the ability to provide alternative purchasing options to its users, it remains to be seen whether Apple will make changes to its policies or face further scrutiny from regulators. In the meantime, EU consumers are left waiting for a resolution that will provide them with the choices and information they deserve.

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