Threads already has 150 million active users

The Instagram app Threads is experiencing steady growth. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed this The app has over 150 million monthly active users.

Meta originally launched Threads as an SMS-focused social media app for Android and iOS in July last year. It became the fastest app to reach 150 million downloads in a week, surpassing Niantic’s Pokémon GO.

Zuckerberg said:

There are now over 150 million active monthly users and development is going largely as I expected. My daughters want me to mention that Taylor Swift is on Threads now, that was a big deal in my house.

The app attracted two million users within just two hours of its launch. This was because Threads allowed users to create their profiles using Instagram credentials and follow Instagram users directly.

The occasion was so important for Meta that Mark Zuckerberg posted a meme on his Twitter account (now X) after 11 years. Threads attracted tens of millions of users in the following weeks, exceeding the company’s expectations.

However, the social media app was missing some essential functions at the time. Instagram boss Adam Mosseri came forward and assured users that several features were “on the list”. Initially, Threads did not allow users to delete their profile without deleting their Instagram account, a decision that changed in a future update.

Threads continues to see good momentum as we continue to release valuable features and grow the community. For reference, the social media application has added 50 million users per month since October 2023.

Growth slowed somewhat after the initial push, but Threads continued to release new features for its app. Over the past few months, Threads has added several features, including a web interface, reverse chronological search, hashtags, the Followed tab, language translation, and more.

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