You’ll soon be able to carry your ID on your phone: that’s all we know

In the near future, We will be able to carry our National Identity Document (DNI) virtually on our smartphones.

In 2020, the National Police announced that it was working on an app that would allow the DNI to be transmitted digitally on mobile devices.

Recent statements, such as those on the National Police TikTok account, suggest that the application could be launched soon.

@policia Soon you’ll be able to carry your #DNI on your phone 🪪👉🏼📱 #actualidad #tips #aprndeentiktok ♬ Original sound – National Police


What is this digital identification used for?

This new form of identification can be used in all cases where a physical DNI is currently required, such as: E.g. when registering at hotels, identifying at the airport, opening a bank account, accessing premises or renting a vehicle.

This means that even if we forget our physical ID at home, we can safely identify ourselves at any time thanks to the digital identification on our mobile device.

Although we do not yet know many details, it is likely that the operation of this application is similar to that of other digital identification applications, such as miDGT, which allows you to carry your driver’s license on your mobile phone. A one-time QR code is generated with our identity, which is electronically signed by the National Police as the verification body.

To ensure the effectiveness of this tool, all establishments that require user identification must be equipped with QR readers or applications capable of reading and interpreting this type of code.

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