When this patent goes into effect, displays will reach content received over HDMI

A patent explores the possibility of View content received via your TV’s HDMI signals.

Many televisions make a very small profit margin when sold in the hope of generating revenue from advertising. However, a problem arises when connecting external HDMI devices to televisions because they can completely bypass the television’s operating system.

In order to meet this challenge, A Roku patent explores the idea of ​​inserting advertising into HDMI inputs. This patent proposes a way to identify paused content from HDMI sources in order to display advertisements during these periods.

The proposal involves monitoring video and audio signals for pauses in the HDMI input stream in order to place advertisements. While the company can’t communicate directly with devices connected via HDMI, it could use metadata and content recognition to personalize ads based on the specific content you’re watching.

The idea that smart TVs could potentially monitor everything we watch is worrying and also raises concerns about invasive advertising. Despite all the speculation, there is no evidence that anyone has developed this feature yet.

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