WhatsApp message about winning a fridge full of Mahou beers is fake

These days a message is circulating that, with the excuse of Father’s Day, He proposes that you participate in a contest and win a bottle of beer. in a farce

A message arrives via WhatsApp from one of your contacts informing you about this promotion: when you enter, you arrive at a scam page where popular beer brand is represented and they propose that you participate in a mini-fridge contest with 30 beers on the occasion of Father’s Day.

They ask a series of questions and the result is, surprise!, you win. But of course, to get this award you have to meet some conditions:

  • Share the message with several whastapp groups or contacts (5 groups or 20 contacts).
  • Enter your personal data to receive the famous mini-fridge.
  • Pay “only” 2 euros with the card… for which you will have to fill in these bank details.


If you provided your personal data, entered your card information and shared the message, from Office of Internet User Safety (OSI) They explain how to act:

  1. notify your bank to report it. They will block the card, to prevent fraudulent use. Even so, monitor your account movements closely and retain evidence of any suspicious movements.
  2. Also check the phone or email that you have provided, as they can use it to send you new suspicious emails or SMS.
  3. notify contacts for those who forwarded the message that you fell into the trap, encouraging them not to include their data or, if they did, to follow the same steps.
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