This Raspeberry Pi can draw any image on a Telesketch

Those of us older people here have experienced the frustration of trying to draw with a Telesketch. However, Someone eliminated the frustration of using a Telesketch by connecting it to a Raspberry Pi.

And best of all, you don’t even have to turn the buttons; Just give the Raspberry Pi an image to draw and it will do all the work for you without any hassle.

You can get this Raspberry Pi project via Micah Tilton on YouTube. Micah was impressed by the number of drawn Etch-a-Sketch pieces appearing online, but he didn’t feel like he could achieve that level of quality. Instead, He decided to let a Raspberry Pi do all the work for him.

It’s a pretty nifty device. Micah can upload an image to the Raspberry Pi, which converts it to a black and white image. The Raspberry Pi then calculates how to recreate the drawing with a single line. Next, determine what movements you would need to make on the dials to achieve the same result. It then sends these instructions to two stepper motors connected to the Telesketch’s dials, which draw the artwork.

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