This free app uses AI to detect if someone is lying by looking them in the eyes

Can you imagine if an app on your smartphone could check whether someone is telling the truth? This appears to be the idea behind an AI lie detector called VerifEye.

The application was created by Converus and according to its developers can detect lies with greater than 80 percent accuracy.

Although Converus doesn’t go into detail about how the app works, it’s clear that it uses some type of AI to recognize the behavior of your eyes. This is what VerifEye focuses on, determining whether you are telling the truth or not.

The detector looks for movement in your eyes to determine whether you are serious or not. Converus doesn’t explicitly say what type of behavior it’s looking for, but it can detect it simply by pointing your phone’s camera at your eyes.

The idea that your eyes can tell if you’re lying isn’t new. Eyes and their behavior can be key indicators that help you determine (along with other indicators) whether someone is lying.

You can watch a video showing how VerifEy is supposed to work. The strangest thing is how the company promotes this application as if it were something you can use every day. Not only is it advertised as a business lie detector, but it can also be used to determine whether your partner has been unfaithful.

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