The United States is content to have stripped Huawei of its chip innovation capability

US Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo has commented on the new 7nm Kirin chip, which includes the recently announced Huawei Pura 70.

During an interview on CBS News’ “60 Minutes,” Raimondo explained Huawei’s new phone that China is still far behind in chip technologyS. He adds that the Biden administration’s trade controls have proven to be a success.

This is what the US Secretary of Commerce says Huawei’s new 7nm chip does not have such advanced and cutting-edge capabilities like American processors.

That tells me the export controls are working because this chip isn’t nearly as good. It is years behind what we have in the United States. We have the most advanced semiconductors in the world. China doesn’t have them. We have overtaken China in innovation.

Gina firmly believes in it U.S. export controls have hurt Chinese companies’ ability to fight the chip war and they have made it even more difficult compared to before.

While the chip world is leading with a 3nm process and plans to surpass it with 2nm processes, Huawei is still working with 7nm process technology.

Huawei suffered from harsh sanctions in 2019, which caused the company to lose the ability to use advanced chip manufacturing equipment. The United States is looking for new ways to scuttle Huawei’s plan to make advanced chips. US authorities now plan to blacklist any Chinese companies that could help Huawei make better processors

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