Spotify is preparing to offer remixing tools

According to the Wall Street Journal, the popular streaming platform is working on it Integration of remixing tools at your service, Give users the opportunity to reinvent their favorite songs.

The article describes what users will be able to do “Speed ​​up, mix and edit songs” according to your mood. One of the notable additions is the Playback function to control the playback speed of a track.

Once the remix is ​​finished, users can share it with others on Spotify, although not on third-party platforms or social networks, as licensing agreements limit external distribution of the creations.

The availability of these tools depends on the type of Spotify subscription you have. The most basic functions, such as Other features, such as cruise control, will be available on the basic plan, while advanced song changing features will be reserved for the company’s much-rumored Supremium tier.

According to the newspaper, Spotify is currently negotiating details with music rights holders.

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