US intelligence warns Israel that Iran is preparing an “imminent attack” with missiles

US intelligence agencies suspect that Iran or a group linked to it is in the Middle East They are ready to launch an immediate attack on Israel. According to this analysis, Tehran is planning major revenge for Israel’s attack on Damascus earlier this month, when several prominent members of the Iran’s Revolutionary Guards were killed.

According to American and Israeli intelligence assessments, officials said an attack by Iran would be a question of when rather than if, Bloomberg reports. In fact, when I called on Tuesday evening Yoav Gallant, the Israeli Defense Minister, Anthony BlinkenUS Secretary of State, discussed the possibility of an Iranian attack.

The situation appears so delicate that the head of US Central Command, the General Erik Kurilla, He will meet in Israel today with senior military commanders from that country to discuss the Iranian threat. In exclusive information, the digital media Axios announced this Thursday that Kurilla will meet with the Israeli Defense Minister and senior Israel Defense Forces officials.

For his part, Joe Biden warned Iran not to launch an attack on Israel. He The US president said his commitment to Israel’s security was firm and that Washington will “do everything it can” to protect it from an Iranian attack. At a press conference in Washington, Biden said: “We also want to deal with the Iranian threat.” They are threatening a serious attack on Israel.

“As I told Prime Minister Netanyahu, our commitment to the security of Israel from these threats from Iran and its proxies is firm,” he said this Wednesday during a press conference with the Japanese prime minister. Fumio Kishida, Who is on an official visit to the country?

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In this sense, Biden emphasized that his administration will do everything to “protect the security of Israel” against Tehran in retaliation for the attack on the Iranian consulate in Syria led to the deaths of 16 peopleincluding two civilians, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

His words come after Biden said this in an interview with American television channel Univision Israel is making “a mistake” in the Gaza Strip, which is controlled by the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas). “What I demand from the Israelis is a ceasefire and full access to all food and medicine for the next six to eight weeks,” he said, also emphasizing that “there are no excuses” that prevent supplies to the enclave. of humanitarian aid.

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