Salesforce solidifies its commitment to implementing generative AI

Salesforce has announced that it will maintain a strategy in Spain in the 2025 fiscal year that deepens the objectives of the previous year important commitment to the implementation of generative AIwith the aim of consolidating its growth above the ICT industry average.

At a meeting with the media this Thursday at headquarters, Salesforce took stock of its 2024 fiscal year Spain remains one of the most dynamic markets, in line with the countries of southern Europe. The company has achieved success worldwide Revenue of 9,290 million dollars (around 8,490.2 million euros) in the last quarter and 34,900 million dollars (31,896.6 million euros) for the full year a growth of 11% compared to the previous year’s figures.

«In the case of Spain, our growth strategy is based on strengthening our presence in the middle market, developing the ecosystem, promoting resales in the distribution channel and expanding our territorial coverage, and we are very satisfied with the results.“, has explained Enrique Polo de Lara, Senior Vice President and Country Manager of Salesforce in Spainand emphasized that, given the financial year that is now beginning, we “Artificial intelligence and data management strategies will be the big drivers of the market«. «We are very well positioned to be a leader in this area«Said Polo de Lara.

Over the last financial year Salesforce Spain has made some significant advances, such as expanding its offices in Barcelona and Lisbon, as well as increasing the number of partners participating in the company’s reseller program, allowing it greater capillarity and market penetration.

Cloud solutions

Additionally, according to IDC’s report “The Impact of Salesforce and its Partner Network on the Global Economy,” Salesforce continues to expand and AI-powered cloud solutions accelerate this process, with particularly significant impacts in Spain. According to the consulting firm, the Salesforce economy will generate more than $2 trillion in new net revenue between 2022 and 2028, growing at a faster rate than expected. The report also estimates that the proliferation of AI-based solutions will create a net gain of more than 11 million jobs between 2022 and 2028.

In the specific case of SpainIDC finds that the Spanish Salesforce economy, driven by AI-powered cloud solutions, including applications and platforms, could generate more than 10 billion dollars of economic benefits in Spain in 2028, with a net profit of more than $21 billion between 2022 and 2028 and a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19.5% over this period.

As for the jobs created by the Salesforce economy in Spain, estimates suggest that by 2028 they will be up to 157,500 jobs in connection with AI-powered cloud solutions from Salesforce. This represents a net profit of slightly more than 83,000 jobs from 2022.

Reseller and training program

As announced last year, select Salesforce partners have joined the group of resellers selling licenses. How to increase your business opportunities with Salesforce. They comment that this will increase both wealth creation in the ecosystem and Salesforce’s market penetration, particularly in the mid-market space. At the moment, 20 companies are already taking part in the reseller program.

In Spain and Portugal there are more than 7,500 people in the ecosystem who have at least one certification, and together they have more than 21,500 certifications. This requires a growth of over 25% in certified individuals and 34% in certifications.

In this sense, Ana Vertedor, Vice President of Alliances and Channels at Salesforce, has also highlighted the work being done to integrate dedicated Salesforce training into universities. «In Spain we face the challenge of a shortage of digital talent“said the board, who believes so”Collaborating with universities and other educational institutions is the best way to address this situation«.

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Among the training opportunities that the company offers are those of the Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid with the Master of Permanent Training in Customer Relationship Management (CRM); and that of the University of Alcalá with the Master of Permanent Training in Management and Design in the CRM SALESFORCE platform; and a Salesforce Certification Program at IE.

AI solutions

In the last few months, Salesforce has completed its work Portfolio of solutions designed to make it easier for companies to integrate AI in your business processes. According to the company, customer relationship management (CRM) solutions can only exploit the maximum power of AI if there is an adequate data strategy and if the technologies and functionalities that guarantee trust are strengthened. The goal is both to achieve accurate results and to ensure that the data and information of companies and their customers remains within the organizations’ security boundaries.

«With the introduction of generative AI, we are experiencing a productivity and efficiency revolution. Companies are starting to see productivity gains, and leaders want to take advantage. This means that many companies are looking to quickly implement generative AI into their operations. However, this must be done with the appropriate infrastructure, resources and partners to maximize the investment. IT departments must work with their leaders to ensure that rapid integration of generative AI does not mean sacrificing security and data quality“he explained Gonzalo Goni, Director of Solution Engineering at Salesforce Iberia.

Salesforce’s AI offering is built on this Einstein 1 platform, This is the evolution of the Customer 360 platform, bringing the opportunity to all of our customers Data management and that AI deployment and that Automations at scale across all applications that are part of the platform: sales, marketing, commerce, service and vertical solutions. In addition, Salesforce created Einstein trust layera set of features (e.g. data masking or zero retention policy) that allow you to exploit the capabilities of generative AI while avoiding the dangers associated with it, e.g. B. Data from companies and their customers provided to the public or the answers obtained from the models are biased or fabricated (hallucinations).

At the recent Salesforce TrailblazerDX event, the company announced the availability of some of its “flagship” AI solutions. Among them it is worth highlighting Einstein co-pilot, a conversational assistant powered by generative AI that makes every user working on Einstein 1 platform applications more productive; either Einstein 1 Studioa set of tools Low code This allows Salesforce administrators and developers to customize Einstein Copilot to their organization’s specific use case.

Salesforce World Tour

Finally, the company has announced that it will celebrate its national event on April 4th: World tour Madridan event that will take place at the Ifema North Convention Center and is expected to bring together more than 2,000 people, mainly professionals (customers and partners).

This year, the World Tour Madrid will have two undisputed protagonists: AI and data, the two fundamental pillars on which Salesforce’s latest solutions are based. Salesforce will celebrate this too Barcelona world tour (May 16) and Lisbon World Tour (May 21).

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