DrugGPT: A new AI drug prescribing tool

Modern medicine relies heavily on it DrugsHowever, sometimes doctors make mistakes when prescribing and patients do not take them correctly.

A new artificial intelligence tool developed in the Oxford University attempts to address both issues. DrugGPT provides doctors with a safety net when prescribing medications and provides them with information that can help their patients better understand why and how to take them.

Doctors and other medical professionals who prescribe medications may do this Get an instant second opinion by entering a patient’s condition into the chatbot. The prototype versions respond with a list of recommendations and possible side effects and interactions.

Some doctors are already using generative AI chatbots like ChatGPT and Google’s Gemini to verify their diagnoses and create medical documents. International medical associations have previously advised doctors against using such tools, including because of the risk of the chatbot providing false information.

However, DrugGPT “Achieve competitive performance with human experts” in medical licensing examinations in the United States, so its use is recommended.

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