OPPO gives the reasons why there will be no affordable price doubling in the short term

While we’ve been buying foldable devices for three years now, the devices are still considerably more expensive than other alternatives with similar specs.

A week before MWC 2023, Oppo presented the world with its first foldable, Oppo Find N2 Flip. Despite its excellent value for money for a foldable smartphone (🛒 € 1,049), is still out of reach for many users.

Now, at MWC, Oppo’s VP of Sales Billy Zhang talked about whether there’s room for mid-range priced foldable or “clamshell” phones.

When we talk about a product like [un plegable de gama media]we have to think if it can really offer a good experience, because to try to reach the mid-range price range if we sacrifice things like the SoC [el chipset] or photography, then that would not be good.

If we reduce the SoC, we cannot maximize the computing power of photography.

With the increase in foldable product shipments, there will certainly be more room for cost reduction from a supply chain perspective, but this process will take time.

Zhang was not finished; but that cHe went on to talk about the potential and viability of mid-range foldables.

I would like to share more comments on the cost reduction of foldable phones.

Some initial ideas could be to remove the cover screen, cut costs with the SoC, cut costs with the camera.

But if we are talking about a foldable cell phone, removing the screen cover is not a good experience, as the screen cover is important for more convenience when checking quick notifications and the like. Or if corners are cut on the SoC, that will also have an impact.

«Within six months or perhaps more, there may be this type of foldable telephones on the market, but there may be cutouts — how to use plastic on your frames or eliminate the cover screen — but definitely, this is not a good experience for us; it’s not something we [Oppo] we want to do it If the competition wants to do it, let them do it. User experience is our first consideration.”

According to Zhang’s statements, it’s unlikely we’ll see a significantly lower-priced foldable any time soon.

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