Your next credit card could light up in colors as you check out

The technological advancements behind flexible displays are opening up new opportunities in various industries. This is a current example Konica Minolta flexible OLED lighting panel, that could be used in the financial sector.

Sentry Enterprises, operator of card lighting platform Radiance, is adding OLED displays to credit cards that feed into NFC terminals during transactions. These flexible OLED screens provide a light show when paying for purchases.

In this example card, the logo in the center lights up when you are near an NFC payment terminal. Currently, Radiance technology is compatible with both Visa and Mastercard, but Radiance is also considering launching its own cards, the idea of ​​which is to have the screen immediately recognize the store you are shopping at and display the logo on the screen.

The technology itself is quite surprising, as these cards do not have a batterybut are powered via NFC connections and of course the screens can bend because credit cards are made of flexible plastic.

It remains to be seen whether we really need screens on our credit cards, which is another possible reason for failure, but it seems clear that Radiance is betting big that the market will adopt these credit cards.

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