Open Trusted Cloud: Towards a more open and collaborative technological ecosystem

In today’s digital age, collaboration and innovation are fundamental pillars for the growth and sustainability of any online business.

OVHcloud is aware of this reality and has launched the service Open trusted cloud, An initiative that redefines the cloud services landscape and focuses on strategic collaboration with independent software vendors (ISVs).

This program is not only a testament to the company’s commitment to technological openness and digital trust, but is also presented as a catalyst for the success of its employees.

OVHcloud’s Open Trusted Cloud is an invitation for ISVs to join a rich ecosystem, where the company’s marketing resources are fully available to promote its solutions. The core of this program lies in its ability to provide a robust platform without imposing exclusivity requirements, meaning that members have the freedom to market their solutions without restrictions, thus fostering an environment of mutual growth and development.


How to approach this ecosystem?

The Open Trusted Cloud initiative has several key features:

  1. Communication kit: OVHcloud provides program participants with a complete set of marketing tools, including logos, banners and solution labels, designed to facilitate the promotion and recognition of ISV solutions. This kit not only improves the visibility of the solutions, but also ensures consistency and professionalism in brand communication.
  2. Service catalog: Members’ solutions are highlighted in an online catalog accessible via the OVHcloud websites. This visibility is accompanied by a summary description of the solutions, direct links to partner websites and practical use cases, providing an excellent platform for discovery and exploration by end users.
  3. Integration and promotion: ISV solutions are integrated into the overall presentation and promotion of the Open Trusted Cloud program, ensuring that these solutions are an integral part of the company’s value proposition and offering. This increases the reach and effectiveness of members’ individual marketing campaigns.
  4. Communication and marketing campaigns: In addition to the marketing resources, specific communication and marketing campaigns will be carried out aimed at promoting the solutions participating in the program. These campaigns are designed to generate interest and adoption among end users, creating additional growth opportunities for ISVs.


No conditions

The lack of exclusivity requirements is particularly significant, as it allows ISVs to maintain their autonomy and flexibility. This openness fosters an environment of true collaboration where innovation can thrive without the constraints of restrictive exclusivity agreements.

In summary, OVHcloud’s Open Trusted Cloud service represents a unique value proposition for independent software providers looking to expand their reach and strengthen their position in the market.

By providing marketing resources, increased visibility and targeted communication campaigns without exclusivity restrictions, OVHcloud not only supports the growth of ISVs, but also promotes a more open and collaborative technology ecosystem.

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