Meteorologist warns of ‘climate war’ after flooding in Dubai due to ‘cloud formation’

A meteorologist has warned of possible “climate wars” between countries if the practice of “cloud seeding” gets out of control following the Dubai floods which raised concerns about artificial manipulation of rainfall.

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Johan Jaques, a meteorologist at environmental technology company KISTERS, said the use of this technology was relatively new but could have “unintended consequences.”“This could lead to “diplomatic instability.”

“By interfering with natural rainfall patterns, we trigger a chain of events over which we have little control,” Jaques said.

According to the expert Climate manipulation also raises several ethical questions, as changing the climate in one country could potentially have catastrophic effects on another country.on the grounds that the climate does not respect international borders.

Amid concerns about climate change and its manipulation, the Dubai floods have attracted attention will cause severe damage to the city’s infrastructure.

The United Arab Emirates was hit by catastrophic flooding this weekwhich affected the airport and many roads and forced dozens of flights to be canceled as travelers tried to seek shelter from the torrential downpour.

Videos shared on social media showed cars filling with water, forcing hundreds of drivers to abandon their vehicles and swim to safety.

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This damage was caused by sudden torrential rains that fell over 142mm on Dubai in just 24 hoursthe amount the city would normally expect to receive in a year.

This extreme weather event has caused concern about cloud seeding, a process that has been used since the 1940s in which aircraft equipped with special rockets release salt into the clouds to trigger rain.


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