You foldable smartphones They are, in the middle of 2022, a common vision in the market thanks to Samsung’s efforts in this new segment. However, more and more manufacturers want to have at least one device in this category, and the one plus the next brand to bet on this territory.

Apparently, the company will put its first folding smartphone in stores in 2023. The information, without confirming, shows us a possible puzzle disclosed via Twitter where a foldable device is suggested.

OnePlus’ first foldable smartphone could arrive in 2023

—Max Jambor (@MaxJmb) May 11, 2022

It is important to emphasize first that this thesis has now been advanced by the filter Max Jambor through his Twitter profile. Therefore, we must consider this possibility as an information leak, despite the fact that this source has proven to be one of the most credible in the world. mobile.

OPPO Find N could be the basis of OnePlus’s first folding smartphone

That said, despite being a mere information leak, we consider the launch of such a smartphone in 2023 very likely. OnePlus currently has the know how and infrastructure of the OPPO group, so said equipment would be based, for example, on the OPPO Find N mobile phone,

one plus

Sharing information on Twitter presents us with a very interesting hypothesis, so we can have a relatively affordable mobile phone with the best features. It looks like OnePlus will use the foldable OPPO as an example for its next disruptive product.

This thesis was also advanced by the publication telephone areabased on his testimony filter, Max Jambor. However, so far the company led by Pete Lau has not commented on this type of product, although the company has been diversifying its smartphone portfolio in recent months.


Finally, note that both OPPO and Vivo and Xiaomi have been betting on the folding format, albeit experimentally or recklessly. That said, it’s only natural that we’d be faced with the possibility of OnePlus going the same way.

The market has already received folding smartphones as a new format for the equipment we use every day. At the moment, this type of mobile coexists peacefully with conventional smartphones and will continue to grow in the coming years.


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