How was the car flying over Spain captured? This is how the amateur network works, which monitors the skies together with the CSIC

The pictures of the course Rocket – which turned out to be space junk – As they flew over eastern Spain, they spread like wildfire. But how were they captured? Those who recorded how the car crossed the skies of Girona, Barcelona and the Valencian Community are Amateurs who work with the Fireball and Meteorite Research Network, a project of the Institute of Space Sciences of the CSIC.

The conquest of these cars is real automatically. The network’s employees have installed several cameras that record the sky 24 hours a day, every day of the year. When a car is detected, The system automatically records a notification And this is where the work of employees comes into play: Review alerts and rule out false positives like birds or airplanes and send them to the Institute of Space Sciences.

César Guasch, who recorded this car driving through Castellón, He has up to eight cameras in his house Furnished. His colleagues from Benicàssim alerted him to the sighting and after reviewing the recording, he sent it to Josep María Trigo, an astrophysicist at the network.

After the records were compiled, the institute’s scientific staff investigated whether the artificial fireball was a ballistic missile or not Satellite re-entry, as has now finally been confirmed. A phenomenon that, according to Trigo, is becoming increasingly common.

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