Nedis Gaming Headset: Headphones to enhance your gaming experience

Nedis has recently strengthened its commitment to the gaming segment. We have already introduced you to its colorful gaming mouse and wireless controller. Now is the time to share the brand’s new gaming headset.

This gaming headset from Nedis aims to enhance your gaming setup by giving you a colorful experience with this LED light effect. And it has stereo sound so you won’t miss a thing when you’re playing a game or watching a movie.

Nedis Gaming Headset

These are over-the-ear headphones, which means they fit snugly around your ears. And besides the soft pillows, they are supposed to be a very light product at 291 grams.

It has an adjustable microphone that, according to the brand, has an “ultra-clear quality”. This will be the ideal companion for when you play online with friends, and it can be easily folded away when you need it.

Nedis Gaming Headset

Nedis Gaming Headset Highlights

  • stereo sound
  • Round and soft cushions for greater comfort.
  • Foldable and flexible microphone with good sensitivity.
  • Lightweight to wear for long periods.
  • wired remote control
  • LED light effect
  • Driver Size: 40mm
  • Cable size: 2.20m

Nedis Gaming Headset

This and other Nedis products are distributed in Portugal by sevenex. For more information on these gaming headsets and other Nedis products, see for more information.

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