When you buy a product from a hardware manufacturer, if it breaks it is almost always advisable to send it back to the company for repair.

This makes sense, as they are the ones who make the device and are therefore the most qualified to repair it. However, the manufacturer’s own repairs are often much more expensive than third-party repairs.

The problem with third-party repairs is that some companies don’t make it easy to use because they can make some functions unusable. The good news is that Some tech companies like Microsoft decided to buy the right to repair the idea.

The company has announced that it will accept an independent third-party study on the impact of make it easier to repair your devices and, based on the study, will make changes by the end of 2022. The argument is that facilitating device repair can have environmental and social benefits.

And is that a device that is more difficult to fix forces the user to buy a new product, which is great for the company, but can generate more junk mail

Hopefully, Microsoft’s new approach and attitude will inspire other companies when it comes to third-party repair of their products.


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