Macintosh Studio: An ingenious docking station for a Mac Studio and an iPad mini

If you own a Mac Studio, an iPad mini, and a 3D printer, this project is for you Macintosh Studio You will love it. This is an iPad mini dock shaped like the original Macintosh, with space in the base for a Mac Studio and a rear drawer for your external hard drives.

It may be functionally nothing more than a dock, but The Macintosh Studio is full of clever little details. There’s a handle on one side for holding headphones (like the AirPods Max, of course), while there’s a slot for an Apple Pencil on the top.

Designer and YouTuber Scott Yu-Jan says the two main reasons he wanted to create the Macintosh Studio were to get his bulky Mac Studio out from under the screen and also to create a dock for an iPad mini to act as a second screen can mirroring.


The project also highlights a certain design consistency across Apple products, as the Mac Studio is exactly the same width as the iPad mini. It seems like these two products are destined to be merged.

Of course, if you want to print your own Macintosh Studio or change the design, you’ll need a 3D printer.

As for the STL files, you’ll need to subscribe to one of Scott Yu-Jan’s membership tiers (starting at €4.99 per month), although this gives you access to the files for his other projects, including printed drawer organizers. 3D and more.

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