iOS 16.4 adds a feature to improve phone call quality

The iOS 16.4 update that will be released to the public soon includes the functionality of voice isolation for mobile calls, according to notes Apple shared today.

Apple says voice isolation will prioritize your voice and block ambient noise around you, make phone calls clearer where the person you are talking to can hear you better.

Voice Isolation was made available for VoIP calls using FaceTime, WhatsApp and other apps on devices running iOS 15 or macOS Monterey Io later) and is designed to significantly improve microphone quality during calls by reducing background noise.

Until now, it was not available for mobile conversations, and Apple has not offered any way to improve call quality.

In a FaceTime call, voice isolation can be turned on by turning on the control center, tapping the Microphone Mode option and choosing the Voice Isolation option, so it’s possible that the feature could be turned on in the same way for FaceTime calls.

Other iOS 16.4 features include new emojis, push notifications for web apps, bug fixes for HomeKit, crash detection optimizations, and more.

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