There is a possibility that users will pay for Google AI search results

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) It is a series of new technologies which enable smart devices to perform various advanced functions virtually autonomously, representing a milestone in modern computing.

Google uses artificial intelligence to improve Search resultswhich makes them more relevant and personalized For the users. This approach allows the company to better understand the context of search queries and deliver more accurate and useful results. In addition, artificial intelligence helps with identification Search pattern, Optimize ranking algorithms and even predict user needsconstantly improving the online search experience.

There is a risk that Search Generative Experience (SGE) will be paid for

Google They might start charging you a fee Search results based on artificial intelligence (AI)Convert the Search Generative Experience (SGE) in a paid function.

In May 2023, Google strengthened its search with generative AI by launching Generative search experience. This new feature was introduced in Browse Labs in Chrome for PC and in the Google application for Android and iOS in the USA. Since then, this tool has been used to collect opinions and continually improve the experience.

Now, almost a year after launch, Google is considering a change SGE in one Payment functionalthough it is not yet available.

Statements from Google to the Financial Times

Accordingly Financial TimesGoogle is exploring various options, including adding certain AI search features to its premium subscription services. This payment could be integrated into the Google One AI Premium plan, which It costs $19.99 and provides access to Gemini Advanced.

This measure is justified by the fact that the SGE results require more computing resources. There are no plans to change the current Google search offering for other users and the SGE would continue to place ads.

Google told the Financial Times “He doesn’t work and doesn’t think about it.” an ad-free search experience. In addition, the company will continue to develop new features and premium services to improve its subscription offering.

Google managers have not yet made a final decision about whether and when they will apply this measure. In addition, they may only make certain parts of the EMS available to non-paying users.

Update: Google has already responded to this news with statements from its spokesperson

A Google spokesperson explained: “For years, we have been reinventing search to help people access information in the way that feels most natural to them. Using our expertise in generative AI in search, we have answered billions of queries and are experiencing positive search growth across all of our core markets. “We continue to rapidly improve the product to meet new user needs.”

Regarding the subscription allegations, the Google spokesperson said: “We are not working on or thinking about an ad-free search experience. As we have often done before, we will continue to develop new premium features and services to improve our subscription offerings on Google. “We have nothing to announce at this point.”

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