Honor presents the first carbon and silicone battery for smartphones

In recent years, we have seen varied and consistently promising advances in the development of batteries for smartphones and mobile devices. However, we have little more to present than captivating promises so far.

Honor, however, wants to change this paradigm and finally bring to the big market a more realistic technology, but quite promising for the battery of our smartphones. The compound is based on a silicone-carbon polymer, which promises a higher density for power cells.

MWC 2023 introduced us to Honor’s new battery technology

Honor MWC 2023

With most manufacturers staking all their assets, especially on the camera, processors, and display, Honor brought us a different topic at Mobile World Congress 2023 (MWC). Something that keeps “the lights on” on the devices.

According to the Chinese brand itself, there is now a new commercially viable solution with the possibility of almost immediate application on smartphones. At stake is a new silicone and carbon compound that improves smartphone batteries.

It does this by allowing the same cell to pack more energy into the same space. In other words, the same 5000 mAh battery with the new compound will be able to accumulate more energy than an equivalent cell of the common type (lithium ions).

Batteries with 12.8% more density thanks to the Carbon-Silicone compound

Honor MWC 2023

As the example used by Honor, a 5,100 mAh capacity battery with the new Silicon-Carbon compound is capable of “saving” as much energy as a “normal” 5,450 mAh battery. This without increasing his physical size, it should be noted.

The practical advantages are immediately noticeable with the autonomy of mobile devices being able to improve by more than 12% with the new technology presented here. This was one of the highlights of the first day of MWC 2023, something worth mentioning.

These improvements were announced by George Zhao, CEO of Honor during his appearance on stage in Barcelona. There we also had a brief explanation of the new battery technology and its durability compared to current ones.

More power without increasing the physical size of the batteries

MWC Honor

Thus, according to the CEO, we had the demonstration, with various metrics, which revealed the real capabilities of this new standard. For example, while a “normal” battery is useless once the voltage drops below 3.5 volts, the new type of batteries are still effective.

According to the CEO, the new Carbon-Silicone batteries present general improvements of 12.8% in their operation. Finally, now it remains to wait for the first Honor smartphone models to integrate this new battery pattern.

However, now we have a really promising solution that is supposedly ready for the big market. Something that could, finally, be adopted in the future by other manufacturers, which could improve our user experience.

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