Google is considering charging for AI features in search

Google is thinking about it Fee for “premium” search features based on artificial intelligence, as the Financial Times reports. This would be the first time the company has put one of its core products behind a paywall.

The tech giant is exploring options such as adding certain artificial intelligence search features to its premium subscription services.

“We continue to rapidly improve the product to meet new user needs.”said a spokesman. «We are not considering or working on an ad-free search experience. “As we have often done before, we will continue to develop new features and premium services to improve our subscription offerings on Google.”

In February, Google added a paid tier to its consumer subscription service that provides access to its latest artificial intelligence model, Gemini. Users who pay for this subscription will be called Google One AI PremiumYou can use their advanced Gemini chatbot and access the generative AI model in popular services like Gmail and Google Docs.

According to the report, engineers are developing the technology to launch the service, but management has not yet decided if and when they will launch it. Google’s ubiquitous search engine would remain free, and ads would also appear alongside search results for subscribers.

Since OpenAI launched ChatGPT in late 2022, Google has been under threat. ChatGPT’s ability to offer answers to queries in a narrative tone has forced Google to rethink its traditional list of blue links to websites and the lucrative ads that appear alongside them.

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