Google is facing a multi-million dollar lawsuit

More than 30 European media companies presented a claim for damages amounting to 2.1 billion euros against Google over its advertising technology practices.

The plaintiffs, including the German group Axel Springer, the Norwegian multinational Schibsted and Prensa Ibérica and Grupo Godó on behalf of Spainare demanding damages from the Mountain View company, saying they suffered losses as a result of Google’s digital advertising practices.

«The media companies involved in the lawsuit have suffered significant losses in recent years because they operated in a less competitive market, a direct result of Google’s misconduct.“Geradin Partners and Stek, the law firms representing the plaintiffs, have repeated this.

Damien Geradin, Founding partner of Geradin Partnersexpressed: “We are proud to represent all 34 publishers in asserting this claim. Ample time has been spent getting to the bottom of Google’s advertising technology misconduct, which is now visible to all. It is time for Google to be held accountable for its abuses and to compensate its victims, Europe’s diverse and vital media sector.«.

«Many publishers have been harmed by Google’s illegal actions. It is important to take action not only to ensure that publishers’ damages are fully compensated, but also to ensure that anti-competitive behavior by Google is prevented in the future. We are pleased that 34 major media companies have decided to take action. Others should do the same.he claimed Jan Bart van de Hel, Stek partner in Amsterdam.

In June 2021, the French competition authority found that Google’s behavior constituted an abuse of market dominance. Afterwards The European Commission (EC) initiated proceedings against Google in June 2023 and issued a statement of objections. Now this group of European media companies is suing Google for damages resulting from the company’s abuses. The case was filed on February 28, 2024 at the Amsterdam District Court.

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Google calls the lawsuit “speculative and opportunistic”

The class action lawsuit against Google comes as the company’s advertising business faces a potential existential threat from the transition from traditional search engines to chatbots powered by generative AI.

Out of Google has already spoken He showed his resistance to the demand and described it as «speculative and opportunistic«: «Google works constructively with publishers across Europe. Our advertising tools adapt and evolve in collaboration with these publishers«.

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