Attention! ‘Cheap’ Netflix subscriptions could give you trouble

Since February, Netflix has ended one of its most popular features in Portugal (and beyond): shared accounts with users who do not live in the same house. And the numbers reveal that users are reluctant to pay for individual account plans.

In Spain alone, Netflix will have lost more than one million subscribers during the first quarter of 2023. And Check Point Research data reveals that this is an ideal scenario for cybercriminals.

‘Cheap’ Netflix accounts often associated with cybercrime

This source identified numerous illicit companies selling Netflix subscriptions on the Dark Web. Researchers report Telegram channels affiliated with cybercriminal portals that offer Netflix’s monthly premium plan for around 2 euros per month.

Example of selling a Netflix account on Telegram
Example of selling a Netflix account on Telegram. Image: Check Point Research

These channels promote “full access efficiency and legitimacy” to attract potential buyers. But you should keep in mind that the accounts sold through these portals are usually linked to other computer crimes.

“Most of these accounts are obtained from compromised credentials or breached accounts,” the investigation can read. In this way, cyber criminals offer significantly reduced prices, thus making full profit without incurring any cost.

And there is always the risk that those on the other side will not do their part. Check Point Research claims that there are cases where users were unable to log in or saw their access blocked after a few days, weeks or months.

4 safety tips on Netflix:

In view of the issues identified, Check Point Software has shared tips to ensure the security of your Netflix account. These are essentially based on improving passwords.

  1. Long and diverse passwords: Increases the complexity of the password by using a 14-16 character combination of multiple letters (upper and lower case), symbols, and numbers.
  2. Memorable but hard to guess: Avoid the use of personal data such as birthdays, first or last names or easily detectable information. What may be easy for the user may also be accessible to cybercriminals.
  3. unique passwords: Avoid reusing passwords across different accounts. If a cyber attacker compromises a password, they gain unlimited access to all other registered services, which can cause more significant damage. Consider using a password manager to securely store and manage your passwords.
  4. Keep passwords private: Never share passwords with anyone or keep them near your computer, including digital files. Use password management tools for secure storage.

If you notice new profiles appearing or unusual content playing on your account, you should check for unauthorized access and change your password immediately.

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