The operating system iOS 15 was announced by Apple in 2021 during the WWDC, subsequently beginning its distribution after the presentation of the new Apple iPhone 13 in September of the same year. However, the latest version’s adoption figures fell short of expectations, prompting Apple to adopt a well-known strategy.

As a result, the Cupertino giant will stop providing security updates for users who still use the iOS 14 operating system. Also, you will have to update to iOS 15, to the most recent version, to keep all your files and equipment. sure.

Apple “encourages” users to upgrade to iOS 15

Although the American giant had announced that iOS 14 users would continue to receive security updates for a long time, the company seems to have changed its mind. The problem may be the relatively low adoption number of the new iOS 15, as we reported on 4gnews.

The decision was first advanced by the portal 9to5mac, without knowing the justification for this decision. So, Apple goes back to its old ways and forces users to update their iPhone to the latest version of iOS.

That is, to continue to have security fixes, enhancements, and improvements, users have no choice but to install the new iOS 15 at the time of writing this article.

Also according to the same portal, the change came into force in December 2021 with the distribution of iOS 15.2. Until then, the iOS 14.8.1 system was also available to users who had opted not to update their mobile devices, but this benefit was, in the meantime, removed by Apple itself.

To receive security updates you have to update to iOS 15

Apple steps back and no longer allows users to stay on iOS 14 with security updates for @filipeesposito

— (@9to5mac) January 14, 2022

In view of the above, users with iOS 14.8 or earlier versions cannot update to iOS 14.8.1. There remains, therefore, the possibility of installing iOS 15.2.1, the latest version distributed by Cupertino technology.

It is important to emphasize that such a scenario can be a bug or circumstantial error, although this scenario is becoming more unlikely with each new day. Given that new software adoption numbers are falling short, this “incentive” may be just what Apple needed to improve those metrics.

However, so far Apple has not confirmed or denied anything stated here, nor does it justify this decision. In short, with no choice but to update your phone to iOS 15, this will be the only way to receive security fixes.


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