According to a report, the Samsung Galaxy S24 FE will be launched this summer

According to rumors from Samsung’s home country It looks like the Galaxy S24 FE could launch earlier than expected and launch this summer.

In addition to the Galaxy S24 FE, there are rumors that Samsung could launch both the Galaxy Fold FE and the Galaxy Flip FE. This shows Samsung’s commitment to this series and its intention to meet the needs and preferences of a wide range of users.

The launch of the Galaxy S23 FE last year in October, about eight months after the rest of the Galaxy S23 series, was a success. Given the market demandSamsung has decided to speed up the launch process of the Galaxy S24 FE, with the possibility of it hitting the market this summer.

According to Korean publication, some components for the Galaxy S24 FE are already in production, with a planned production volume “in the millions.”

In addition, current rumors suggest that Samsung could also enter the market two new Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip smartphones that could include the FE version of these phones. These devices could feature a different chipset, which should bring the price down enough to make them a very popular option for those looking for a foldable or foldable phone from Samsung.

There has been talk of a possible Samsung presentation in July where these devices would likely be announced.

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