Amazon will invest a further 2.54 billion euros in the AI ​​startup Anthropic

Amazon reiterates its commitment to Generative Artificial Intelligence (Gen AI) with another significant investment in Anthropic. In this new opportunity, the e-commerce giant will allocate 2,750 million dollars (2,540 million euros) for the Startup of AI responsible for the chatbot Claude. This investment, in addition to the one made last September, will last Total payout of 4,000 million dollars (3,694 million euros).

With this new investment, the marketplace has complied with certain provisions of the investment made six months ago, which indicated the possibility of making an additional investment in the future. It was specifically determined that this measure must be carried out before the end of March.

The agreements of Anthropocene They grant you access to the Amazon Web Services data centers to support some of its operations, as well Amazon custom chips. In addition, the company has committed to working with Google (Alphabet) to use its microchips and participate as a partner in its cloud computing service.

Amazon is looking for its place in the generative AI race

Since the introduction of generative AI when ChatGPT came to light, Amazon has taken various measures to grow in this area. First, they announced that they would be working on their own Chatbot called Olympuswith which they wanted to compete with other existing models such as OpenAI or Alphabet.

The company then released solutions to make the work of its warehouses easier Salesperson and users, including:

Now the focus seems to be on that Anthropocene, a company founded in 2021 by former OpenAI employees including Daniela Amodei and her brother Dario. Most customers are companies like the search engine DuckDuckGo or the travel publisher Lonely Planet. This brings the total investment amount to $4 billion, which corresponds to the maximum amount planned when the original investment was announced.

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With Amazon’s involvement in the chatbot ClaudeThe marketplace could strengthen its presence in the technology sector as this chatbot has outstanding word processing capabilities that are even superior to ChatGPT.

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