They capture the entire sequence of the total solar eclipse

He total solar eclipse Monday evening fascinated millions of citizens Mexico, United States (USA) and Canada. The route of the eclipse made it possible to observe it in these areas. However, in Spain there was not so much “luck”. Something was seen in the extreme northwest of A Coruña (Galicia) and Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Canary Islands) as well as in Lugo or Ourense. But nothing to do with it Images circulating from the other area of ​​the planetas can be seen in the following video, in which the entire performance of the total solar eclipse falloffthe astronomical phenomenon that occurs when the natural satellite hidden from the sun seen from earth. .

The astronomical phenomenon completely darkened northern Mexico, from Sinaloa to Coahuila, and aroused expectations and enthusiasm among the large audience. In the university city of the Mexican capital, more than 7,000 people gathered to witness an event

Solar eclipse that Mexico had not experienced so clearly in more than three decades. It was a large event where citizens enjoyed the eclipse with food, drinks and the company of friends and family.

But also the extent of the solar eclipse it felt beyond Mexicowith 650 million inhabitants United States and Canada who watched it in part and 42.8 million who witnessed it in its entirety. Eclipses are rare and extraordinary phenomena, they occur approximately every 18 years and not always in the same geographical location. Now in the Canary Islands (Spain)The partial solar eclipse was a gift to the privileged few who observed from the Teide Observatory.

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