5 tips to stay safe on Wi-Fi

Being constantly connected online is inherent in today’s world. If we’re going to watch broadcast TV, we need Wi-Fi, and many dryers turn on Wi-Fi to alert you that the filter is clogged. But how can you stay safe in this environment?

In his most recent press release, Devolo shares tips on how to stay safe when connected to Wi-Fi. It all starts with getting good encryption to keep digital thieves out. But it goes beyond that.


1. Keep firmware up to date

One of the most effective tips is also one of the easiest: install security updates. Hardware used in the home should always be updated with the latest software version, regardless of whether the hardware consists of end devices, routers, or Wi-Fi repeaters.

Most well-known manufacturers release free downloadable updates. These updates usually fix minor bugs or introduce new features. However, they often also fill security gaps, which can be used by potential attackers.

2. Enter a secure password

Your home Wi-Fi network password should be as strong as possible. Since the password normally only needs to be entered once per device, it is also recommended to choose a particularly strong and therefore complex password with a length of 20 characters.

Speaking of passwords, at the same time you should change the default passwords that come with many routers and other network devices. After all, a router administrator account named “admin” with password “1234” isn’t exactly much of a challenge for cybercriminals.

3. Set up a guest Wi-Fi connection

A special guest access role with selected permissions provides additional protection for sensitive data. This ensures that guests, as well as non-guests, never have access to certain data or devices.

4. Pay attention to safety regulations

One of the most important aspects of Wi-Fi security is defined when purchasing network hardware. Available hardware may differ in terms of supported encryption and security standards.

The “WEP” and “WPA” encryption methods are now considered deprecated. Recommended hardware must support current WPA2 and WPA3 encryption standards. In this way, your home network is protected by strong encryption, connection to compatible end devices is made easier, and attacks from outside are made more difficult.

5. Turn off the network

You can also increase Wi-Fi security, for example, by turning Wi-Fi off completely overnight. Depending on the device, this can be done with timer functions or simply by turning off the router. With this method the additional positive effect of lowering energy consumption is obtained.

Devolo’s offer

For small apartments and to improve Wi-Fi performance on a single floor, Devolo offers Wi-Fi 6 Repeater 3000 and Wi-Fi 6 Repeater 5400. These Wi-Fi repeaters extend the range of your existing wireless network.

For apartments and large houses and to improve the signal on several floors, the Magic range of products from Devolo is recommended. This line includes practical adapters that work plugged into wall sockets, using the existing electrical network in the house to communicate with each other. There, the walls and ceilings cease to constitute a barrier.

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