You can now use ChatGPT for free and without an account

OpenAI takes a significant step in the race for the throne Generative AI. The company led by Sam Altman opened the Access to ChatGPT to make it easier to use this chatbot free for every user and without the need to have a registered accounta change that will be introduced gradually and with new safety restrictions.

In a publication on its blog, OpenAI highlighted that this is the case so far More than 100 million users use ChatGPT in 185 countries, and from now on there can be many more by removing the restriction of having an account. Even without an account, ChatGPT can use the conversations we have with it to improve the language models and train them in some way.

In addition, without an active account we have the possibility to access the chat settings and deactivate this function, allowing conversations to be carried out completely anonymously. «We’re rolling this out gradually, with the goal of making AI accessible to anyone curious about its capabilities.«says the company.

Furthermore, and to address this gap, OpenAI was introduced new security restrictions in this modality to avoid abuse, which means that Some entry categories and content generations are blocked.

However, the company has emphasized that creating an account offers many benefits, such as the ability to save and review chat history, share chats, and unlock additional features such as voice conversations and personalized instructions.

Since its launch in November 2022, ChatGPT has stood out for its ability to have realistic conversations and answer questions naturally. Its ability to generate ideas and remember previous conversations has made it an attractive tool for a variety of applications.

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Over time, ChatGPT has developed new features thanks to the latest versions of the powerful GPT language model trained on the infrastructure of Microsoft Azure.

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