Xiaomi Wanbo TT is the new portable projector that you will want to buy

EITHER Xiaomi Wanbo TT it is the latest portable projector from Xiaomi to hit the global market. Compact and unobtrusive, despite its remarkable appearance, the new product achieves a maximum image brightness of 650 ANSI, perfect for placing on a coffee table.

This product is the latest creation of one of Xiaomi’s sub-brands, capable of projecting images on Full HD 1080p with a maximum size of 120 inches at a minimum distance of 3.3 meters. It is presented as a versatile and relatively affordable solution, even in Europe.

This is the new Xiaomi Wanbo TT portable projector

Xiaomi Wanbo TT

The Xiaomi Wanbo TT projector has a native aspect ratio (image) of 16:9 with an LED light source capable of reaching 650 lumens of brightness. According to information from the manufacturer, the useful life of the light source in this Wanbo TT is 20,000 hours of conventional operation.

Inside the Xiaomi Wanbo TT we have the MTK9266 processor (CPU) with a total of 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal storage for the necessary operations. These are characteristics that already give it a certain autonomy and prepare it for the near future.

650 lumens maximum brightness with Full-HD image up to 120 inches

Xiaomi Wanbo TT

We also have inside two speakers with a power of 5 W to, in case of emergency or in the absence of another sound source, provide a basic sound stage. The speakers are Dolby Atmos certified, so they already denote a certain quality.

In addition, the Wanbo TT projector supports downloading apps to, for example, have native content sources already installed on the product itself. Again, for ease of use without having to connect to a computer, smartphone, or other source.

Bluetooth 5.1, HDMI and USB connectivity in this Xiaomi projector

Wanbo TT Projector

The Xiaomi projector has Bluetooth 5.1, HDMI and USB connectivity to ensure greater connectivity and ease of use.

In addition, in its construction we have several mechanisms that help us to improve the image, as well as its focus. Its dimensions are particularly small, in addition to weighing only 1.7 kg.

Finally, the Xiaomi Wanbo TT projector is now available in online stores for around 309 euros in Europe. However, its announced price for Europe, after the launch campaigns, will be close to 330 euros.

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