Xiaomi Smart Guardian Can See: the new intelligent security

Although known primarily for its smartphones, Xiaomi has a wide and diverse product portfolio, including home security equipment.

Now, the Chinese brand has just presented its new Smart Guardian Can See smart lock, which comes equipped with a camera and screen. All in the name of security.

Xiaomi Smart Guardian Can See with integrated camera and screen

Xiaomi Smart Guardian can see
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While smartphones have been the devices that have given the brand international recognition, Xiaomi is present in several other areas that are the subject of frequent launches.

Now, the Chinese brand is preparing to present its latest solution for home security: the Smart Guardian Can See smart lock, which will be the successor to the Smart Door Lock M20, launched in 2022.

The new model comes equipped with a camera and a screen that will allow the resident of the house to have a comprehensive view of the front door, in real time. More: its “all-in-one” design will simplify, according to the brand, the installation process and will make its use very easy and practical.

But while equipped with the latest security technology, the Smart Guardian Can See also includes a conventional doorbell for expected and desired visits.

The successor to the Smart Dock Lock M20 is expected to inherit some of the features of its predecessor. Like, for example, the high-strength structure with IML technology that ensures that the door closes safely and robustly.

Xiaomi Smart Guard lock can see
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Another of the inherited features will be the anti-crush design that allows the resident to customize the direction of the door handle, based on its opening and closing orientation.

The new Smart Guardian Can See can also come equipped with various unlocking methods, including password, fingerprint, NFC and Bluetooth wireless communications.

Sensitive data, such as passwords and fingerprints, is stored locally and encrypted for maximum security and privacy, just like the previous model.

The new Smart Guardian Can See is expected to be launched in the Chinese market on February 20. So far, no information has been advanced about its global availability.

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