Xiaomi Smart Band 7 has a functionality on iPhone that you can’t use on Android

Apple wearable devices are known to work perfectly with iPhone, being quite limited on Android devices or practically unusable together. And this is starting to happen in reverse as well, when manufacturers limit functionality to Android devices or simply don’t allow pairing with iPhones.

This is the case of the latest Galaxy Buds2 Pro, whose review you can read, which come with functions only for Samsung smartphones. And the newly released Galaxy Watch 5 doesn’t even pair with an iPhone.

Camera remote control in Xiaomi Smart Band 7 is only available for iPhone

But what if a manufacturer with an Android operating system limits the functionality of one of its wearables to only those who have an iPhone? It seems that this is what Xiaomi has done in its latest Smart Band 7 (or Mi Band 7).

In previous versions, the world’s most popular smartband came with the ability to remotely control your smartphone’s camera. Well, that is a feature that you can only use in the latest Mi Band 7 if you only have an iPhone.

Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Camera Remote is only available for iPhone
Camera remote control in Xiaomi Smart Band 7 is only available for iPhone

I usually use my Xiaomi Smart Band 7 paired with an iPhone 13 Pro, and there is the possibility to control the camera by shooting remotely. But I recently tried two Android smartphones paired with the smart band, and the functionality is not there.

This is a feature that Xiaomi removed from Android smartphones without explanation, after being present in previous generations of its smart bracelet. Many may not have noticed, or may think that the functionality was completely removed in this release.

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But she is there, but only for those who pair their Xiaomi Smart Band 7 with an iPhone.

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