Xiaomi MIJIA Wave Wheel 8kg: laundry ready in just 15 minutes

Xiaomi has just expanded its family of washing machines with the new MIJIA Wave Wheel model, which has a capacity of eight kilos.

The model comes with very practical and useful functions for the daily routine, including a quick wash mode that takes just 15 minutes.

Xiaomi MIJIA Wave Wheel 8kg arrives with 10 washing modes and eight levels of water flow

Xiaomi MIJIA wave wheel

Xiaomi has just made another element of its MIJIA line available, aimed at the home. This time, it is a new washing machine that features a discreet and elegant design, as well as a handful of functions to make household chores easier.

The new MIJIA Wave Wheel has a capacity of eight kilos and is equipped with a pulsating cyclone capable of removing the most difficult stains and operating at temperatures of up to 360 degrees Celsius.

In order to respond to the needs of various scenarios and fabrics, the new Xiaomi washing machine has 10 washing modes. These include soft, strong, and custom wash.

Better: the equipment also has a quick wash mode, whose program has a short duration of just 15 minutes. This feature will be especially useful for the care of children’s daily clothes, such as school smocks.

On the other hand, the new MIJIA machine also offers eight levels of water flow that can be easily adjusted, according to the needs of each wash.

To protect each garment, the MIJIA Wave Wheel has a cylindrical stainless steel drum that imitates the shape of water drops. In turn, the reduced opening was included to prevent clothes from being sucked in.

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The new Xiaomi washing machine allows you to program the duration of each task

This new model also includes a self-cleaning mechanism that cleans and air-dries the eight-kilogram capacity cylinder. Result: this machine does not accumulate bacteria that are harmful to health, clothes and that wear out the machine itself.

The cylinder of the new MIJIA Wave Wheel 8kg has the capacity to wash up to 36 garments at a time. But you can also wash large items like curtains, sheets, and other similar items.

Last but not least, Xiaomi’s MIJIA Wave Wheel 8kg also allows the user to set the duration of each task, in order to optimize the use of water and electricity.

The new Xiaomi washing machine has just been released on the Chinese market, for an initial price of around 100 euros, which will later become 120 euros. No information was provided on whether this model will be released globally.

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