We need to go back to 2014 for the launch of the first Xiaomi Mi Band, still without a screen. Since then, more than 120 million units of this smartband have been sold in its most varied versions.

The last one to hit the market, in 2021, was the Xiaomi Mi Band 6. It stands out for being the first full-screen model, although it maintains the oval design that has become its brand image.

Xiaomi Mi Band 7 can arrive with a rectangular screen, according to patent

According to a patent recently registered by Xiaomi, the Mi Band 7 may arrive with a totally different design. The Chinese manufacturer has registered a “smart bracelet”, and it has a design more similar to the Redmi Band Pro.

Xiaomi patent for new smartband. Credit: IT Home

We have a rectangular appearance, which will leave room for more information on the screen. The appearance is also reminiscent of the Huawei Band 6, which, let’s remember, has a 1.64-inch panel that looks more like a smartwatch.

The big question that arises is whether Xiaomi is really prepared to radically change the design of such an ingrained smartband, and which has been the best-selling in the world for several years.

It is good to note that for now this is just a patent registered by the brand. There is no direct mention of the Xiaomi Mi Band 7, and this may just be the design that is being prepared for another smartband from the manufacturer.

However, the question remains: would you buy a Xiaomi Mi Band 7 with this design? Would you be willing to give up some comfort to have this type of screen available? Tell us in the comments.


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