Xiaomi has just expanded its portfolio of products for the home with the launch of H800G Pro Water Purifier. It is a new water purifier with a smart component and a very attractive price.

This product was recently introduced in China with a price equivalent to €266 at the current exchange rate. It is therefore a tempting product for all those who care about the quality of the water they drink.

Xiaomi Water Purifier H800G Pro will improve the quality of the water you drink

Xiaomi H800G Pro Water Purifier

The design of the new Xiaomi Water Purifier H800G Pro does not deviate much from the appearance of its predecessors and it will be a product that will not go unnoticed in the kitchen. This is because its dimensions do not make it a small product.

However, the most interesting thing is what provides, in this case, an effective filtering of impurities from the water. Designed to maintain a good flow of water, the Xiaomi Water Purifier H800G Pro can dispense up to 2.12 liters of water per minute.

For those who just want to enjoy a good glass of water without impurities, this purifier does not need 150ml in just 4.3 seconds. Generous time when we consider all the purification process carried out inside.

Xiaomi H800G Pro Water Purifier

The H800G Pro water purifier uses a two-element filter with six steps of water filtration. Thanks to its reverse osmosis filtration technology, it will remove rust, bacteria and heavy metals such as lead or mercury from tap water.

This last filter is one of the most important parts that make up the new Xiaomi water purifier. A new filter will cost around €126, almost half the price of the purifier, but the good news is that it has an estimated lifespan of five years.

The filter can be removed from the side of the Xiaomi Water Purifier H800G Pro in just three seconds so that it can be cleaned by the user. Something that also applies to an eventual replacement.

Xiaomi H800G Pro Water Purifier

No water will be lost with the new Xiaomi purifier

Even if this purifier has water stored in its tank for a long time, its purity will always be guaranteed. In these cases, the Xiaomi Water Purifier H800G Pro enters an automatic washing mode.

When this mode is activated, the water returns to the reverse osmosis filter to release unwanted elements. Thus, it is guaranteed that you will always drink good quality water.

Being a Xiaomi product, the technological component was not forgotten. The Xiaomi Water Purifier H800G Pro can be connected to the Mijia app via NFC, where you can change the volume of water dispensed, monitor consumption, temperature and water quality.

For now, this water purifier is only for sale in China. We still don’t know if it will be available in other markets, but it would be interesting to have it soon in Portugal as well.


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