Xiaomi launches a new cheap water dispenser that you have to know

A few days ago Xiaomi presented a premium water dispenser in China, which you can learn about in detail. Now the Chinese manufacturer has just launched a much cheaper model called the MIJIA Smart Hot and Cold Water Dispenser.

This is an interesting product to use in both winter and summer. This is because it can provide both cold water for your cold drinks and hot water for those types of drinks.

MIJIA smart hot and cold water dispenser

It is a product that meets other Xiaomi appliances in terms of design. It is very minimalist, while remaining functional. It is equipped with an LCD screen on the top that supports smart features.

It has a water tank at the back and the water level can be seen through the vertical transparent line. This is also convenient for when you are filling your tank.

Unlike Xiaomi’s more expensive water dispenser, this new model does not have a water purifier function. So using tap water directly on it will not be the best option.

Prices and availability of MIJIA smart hot and cold water dispenser

Recall that Xiaomi’s most expensive water dispenser was launched in China at a price of €358. But this new Intelligent Hot and Cold Water Dispenser from MIJIA arrives in the country of origin for only €86.

For a limited time, it will be available in the country for only €79 in crowdfunding format. There is no forecast of when it will be released worldwide, but we should soon find it in the usual online stores.

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