Xiaomi: Activate this on your smartphone to receive MIUI updates faster

THE MIUI is one of the most complete user interfaces you can find on the market android. that is the fur gives xiaomi Basically, it adapts all aspects of the Android operating system as designed by Google, with its own design, animations and functions that increase its implication and usefulness.

Mainly focused on speed, performance optimization and productivity, the most recent version of this user interface at the time of writing is MIUI 14already based on the android 13 of Google.

However, so far it is not available in its stable (global) version for users in Portugal. However, there is a little trick that can make updates reach your phone faster.

MIUI 14 is the latest version of Google’s Android 13-based interface

Xiaomi MIUI 14

Everything will change, however, with the availability of the new Xiaomi 13 smartphones presented last December in China, arriving in Portugal in mid-February. From there, we also have the gradual distribution of MIUI 14 to .

Below we present a simple and official procedure that is already present on your MIUI 13 interface, for example. The feature is hidden in the smartphone’s settings and can make news and updates arrive faster.

Follow these steps to receive updates sooner

Illustration of steps 1 to 3 of the procedure on a Xiaomi smartphone.

It only takes a few seconds with your Xiaomi smartphone and you can receive software updates faster. To do so, you just have to follow these steps:

  1. Open the app”Definitions” on your Xiaomi smartphone
  2. Enter the section “about mobile
  3. Access/touch area “MIUI version
  4. Tap on the options menu indicated by the 3 vertical dots in the top right corner (⋮)
  5. Touch the option “Update settings
  6. Activate the option “Get updates early
Illustration of steps 4 to 6 of the procedure on a Xiaomi smartphone.

It should be noted that despite having this option activated, Xiaomi decides the timing of the distribution. That said, this feature can effectively speed up the arrival of news, but only after the manufacturer gives the green light.

In any case, with all the news on the way with MIUI 14, from automatic recognition of text in photos, new widgets, improvements in the design and operation of the apps. There’s a lot more to discover, so this is an update you’ll want to install.

Finally, this feature will speed up the arrival of general system updates and incremental updates. It is a trick well hidden by the brand, but that you can take advantage of.

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