The range of Android smartphones Xiaomi 13 will currently be in development. Apparently, according to the first leaks, the devices will have the next high-end processor from Qualcomm as soon as this is announced. More specifically, the chipset Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 to debut probably in December 2022.

However, the mobile range itself may be introduced even before the new processors. This, of course, is based on a new leak that suggests an early unveiling. Please note that the Xiaomi 12 range was announced on December 28, 2021 in China. In fact, the same would happen with the Xiaomi Mi 11 range, still in 2022.

The Xiaomi 13 smartphone range could debut in November 2022

Xiaomi 12 Pro and Xiaomi 12
The current Xiaomi 12 Pro and Xiaomi 12 smartphones.

It is important to emphasize first that the leak of information was transmitted by the filter dubbed the digital chat station. It is one of the most prominent sources of information. Furthermore, the exchange itself was carried out with the Weibo Chinese social networkrealizing Xiaomi’s alleged plans for the next generation of Android phones.

If this happens, Xiaomi can effectively anticipate what would be predictable. In other words, a preliminary presentation in China, its home market, with a subsequent market launch at the end of the year. Then, we would have a global presentation at the beginning of 2023, with the arrival on the national market, as a general rule, in March of each year.

However, the information that is now advancing shows a new series of mobiles that are already being tested with Google’s Android 13. Please note that currently Google has already distributed previous (beta) versions of the operating system. The version that will eventually succeed the current Android 12 for developers and manufacturers. Therefore, such a possibility is certainly plausible.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 will be your SoC

Xiaomi 13 Ultra entered the NPI stage! (Introduction of the new product)

— Kartikey Singh (@That_Kartikey) June 14, 2022

Additionally, this same source also mentions the existence of the Xiaomi 13 Ultra model, the phone that will catapult the photographic experience to new heights in 2023. Or, well, if these rumors are true, possibly even in 2022.

The truth is that we can count on the next high-end processor from Qualcomm in these phones, as well as a list of high-end technical characteristics. Everything indicates, in addition, that the cameras of these phones already carry the Leica logo.

Additionally, it was announced that the base model of this range, the Xiaomi 13, has the model number 2211133C, with the code name “Nuwa”, currently in development. The Pro model will have the code name “Fuxi” and the model number 2210132C.

In both smartphones we have metal and glass construction, AMOLED screen with front camera perforating the screen. This, as well as the built-in fingerprint reader.

However, at the moment it is still too early to consider any of these statements as a settled point, so we advise a good dose of skepticism in the interpretation of these lines.


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