Who was the influencer Luanne Murta Jardim?

The death of Brazilian influencer Luanne Murta Jardim has caused great consternation in her native country and throughout Latin America, due to the terrible circumstances in which he lost his lifereceiving a bullet impact in front of her husband and children while they were traveling in a car.

After her death, the figure of Murta Jardim has raised curiosity about what her life was like and her work as a content creator. Next, we detail about the young woman.

Luanne Jardim dos Santos Martins lived in Barra da Tijuca, in the western part of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Her popularity began with the drastic physical change that The 30-year-old suffered, who went from being an obese person to having a healthy body based on good nutrition and exercise.

After this, Jardim decided to start as an instructor and provide advice to people who want to lose weight in a healthy way, based on her personal experience.

Through her Instagram account, the lady confessed that in five years she managed to lose 50 kilos, ensuring that while she was overweight she lived “difficult moments, low self-esteem, crying, compulsions and days when I did not want to exist.”

Her radical change and what she experienced throughout her transformation led her to gain followers who were inspired by her story or simply admired her beauty and appearance.

He also owned “Super Green Original” a line of powdered supplements and pills to reduce appetite, combat cellulite, speed up metabolism, burn localized fat, among other benefits, as described on the brand’s website.

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On Super Green’s Instagram, Luanne showed the before and after of her figure, as well as that of her clients.

The content creator also used her networks to promote outfits from clothing stores, travel agencies, and car agencies.

Murta Jardim had two Instagram accounts, its main one exceeds 576 thousand followers, while his alternate account has 369 thousand followers, in which he showed a luxurious life of travel and high-priced cars.

Luanne had three children, two boys and one girl, whom she had with her husband João Pedro Farche.


Luanne Murta Jardim dos Santos Martins, died last Sunday, after being shot in the shoulder that pierced her heart when she was in the passenger seat of a vehicle with her partner João Pedro and their two-year-old son.

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