Nayakputra Calls for Prayers in the Mosque

The renowned actor Nayakputra, also known as Baba Nayak Simon Sadiq, recently called for prayers in the mosque. Alongside his acting career, he has released his new film titled “Maya,” which has been well-received by the audience. However, what sets him apart from many other actors is his love for his village and his regular involvement in community activities.

A Man of the Village

Nayakputra is not just a film star; he is deeply connected to his roots. He often spends time fishing in the muddy waters and shares pictures of his walks with his village friends on social media. Additionally, he frequently surprises his fans by posting pictures with his family. The images of his two children, Saiyan Sadiq and Saiyar Sadiq, have particularly touched the hearts of his followers.

A Proud Father

Recently, a video was shared of Nayakputra’s eldest son, Saiyaan, calling for prayer in the mosque. This moment filled the hearts of his fans with joy and admiration. Simon Sadiq expressed his happiness, stating, “I live in Lalmatia, Dhaka, and regularly visit the community mosque there. It gives me immense pleasure to see my oldest son actively participating in religious activities. I am proud to be a father.”

In addition to their regular studies, Nayakputra’s children are actively involved in religious activities. This dedication to both education and spirituality is something he takes great pride in. Meanwhile, the actor has also begun working on a new film and promises to share exciting news about it soon.

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