WhatsApp will have its own chat to show us the tricks of the app

EITHER WhatsApp is preparing a new chat in which he will give you advice and tips to use the instant communication app. It is a resource already present in its greatest rival and best alternative, the telegramwhich also gives us useful tips for use.

By all indications, it will be a news and news automated centerthat is, one center where we can find the news of the app and platform of the Meta group. Its usefulness, if you follow the example of Telegram, will be unquestionable for users.

WhatsApp “copy” finally one of the best functions of Telegram


Although the app constantly receives small improvements and different functionalities, the truth is that these increases go unnoticed by the majority of the population. Therefore, it is urgent to find new ways, easy and immediately understandable, to spread the news.

We know perfectly well that the majority of users do not share the taste and commitment of 4gnews readers to discover and learn about technological innovations as soon as they are available. Having said this and against the fact that we speak, I recognize that it is very useful in a new chat or center news with the summary of the news.

Therefore, it is urgent to make known, in the simplest and most accessible way possible, the news of your favorite instant communication application. Because only in this way, if the knowledge is widely accessible and easy to assimilate, we will be able to make the most of these solutions.

Quick, easy and centralized way to find out what’s new on WhatsApp

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Image from the official WhatsApp channel.

As the post progresses WABetaInfo We will have all the WhatsApp news reported on your official channel/chat within your own application. The feature is still in development and aims to bring an automated news hub.

It should also be noted that the official chat is marked in green to make it easier for the user to find this “kiosk” every time they open the instant messaging and communications application. In addition, it allows you to verify that it is indeed a legitimate account.

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New developments for the WhatsApp application

It should be noted, however, that this is not the only novelty that is being prepared for WhatsApp. As the experts point out in the publication WABetaInfo, there is also a new emphasis being placed on how we use and enjoy surveys. Added to this are also enhanced audio chats, video messages, and other mixed communication formats.

WhatsApp news of the week: video messages, official chat and new experience with surveys We share 11 articles about WhatsApp beta for Android, iOS and desktop! Read our roundup if you didn’t have time to discover our stories published this week.

— WABetaInfo (@WABetaInfo) March 26, 2023

In short, the Meta group continues to provide new tools to its communication platform. Apparently, one of these novelties will be precisely a news center released by the platform itself to keep us abreast of the news.

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