WhatsApp now allows you to edit sent messages. You know how it works

After weeks of testing on its beta channel, WhatsApp today announced the availability of one of its users’ most desired features. From now on, it is already possible to edit messages even after they have been sent.

This tool will be vital whenever you make a typing error, or of any other nature, when sending your messages. Now you can correct that mistake and be more assertive in communication with your contacts.

Possibility to edit messages in WhatsApp finally available

This function is not new for those who are aware of technological news or for those who are subscribed to the WhatsApp beta channel. Now, with all the edges smoothed out, the time has come to offer the millions of users of this platform one of its best functions.


This tool was designed to close chapters of messages sent with misspelling, lack of context or a simple emoji. Thanks to it, users receive a new layer of control over their messages.

In case you send a message with an error or failure, all you have to do is long press on that message. This will open a menu with the “Edit” option.

Now just make the necessary changes and send the correct message to the destination. But keep in mind that this sent message editing option will have a time limit to be available.

You have up to 15 minutes to edit a sent message

Those responsible for WhatsApp imposed a 15-minute limit on the availability of the message editing option. It means that once this time has passed, you will no longer be able to change anything.

Every time you edit a message, your contact will know it, since the indication “edited” will be displayed next to the message. Even so, the user will not have access to the edit history, so the previous content will not be available to the recipient.

As with all communications made on WhatsApp, end-to-end encryption will also be available for edited messages. In this way, all your correspondence will be safe from prying eyes.

Today (22) marks the start of the phase of making this feature available to all WhatsApp users. The team notes that the process can take a few weeks to complete, so wait if you don’t already have the editing option available.

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