WhatsApp launches Channels: a new way to follow what interests you

Through its official blog, WhatsApp announced the availability of Channels or Channels. As mentioned in the post in question, this is a new way for your users to stay informed about the topics that really matter to them.

WhatsApp channels are a simple, reliable and private way to receive information from relevant people or organizations in this communications app. Indeed, something very similar to the category with the same name available on its rival Telegram.

Channels are the latest addition to WhatsApp

Channels are the latest tool available for individuals or organizations to keep their followers informed. Through them it will be possible to share text, photos, videos, stickers or surveys.

So that each Channel can be discovered by any user, WhatsApp will implement a search tool. In this way, millions of users will be able to easily find their favorite channels or discover new ones that align with their interests.

This will not be the only way to join a WhatsApp channel. An invitation system will also be available so that administrators can broadcast their channels through their contacts, by email, websites or social networks.

Admins will be given the power to decide who can join their Channels. By the way, they will have the power to decide if their channels will be visible through the search directory that WhatsApp has prepared.

whatsapp channels

Privacy is an important issue for those responsible for WhatsApp. Indeed, administrators will not have your contact number or profile picture available on your channel, nor will your followers.

It should be noted that administrators can disable the forwarding of their posts, as well as screenshots. An improvement in the privacy of shared information and of the participants of your channels.

End-to-end encryption is not available on channels

WhatsApp clarifies that end-to-end encryption will not be available in Channels by default. However, this is an option that is being studied by the team and may be available in the future, if needed.

The Meta-owned platform believes that information shared on Channels does not need to be available forever. Therefore, they defined a 30-day period for posts to remain viewable, but are looking into ways to reduce this period.

At this initial stage, WhatsApp channels will only be available in Colombia and Singapore. The period of construction, learning and adaptation of this experience will begin in them, but more countries will join those chosen in the coming months.

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