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At the congress in Mexico there will be a special panel dedicated to conversations with renowned filmmakers.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: The distribution of pop culture will change completely with CCXP Mexico 2024. And if you recognize the work of filmmakers like no other, then be excited Directors in management arrive at the meeting.

This is a panel that opens the conversation about what it means to direct film projects, beyond what we generally know. This is a deeper look into the processes, styles, stories and all those details that have shaped the careers and ways of directing of various renowned filmmakers in the industry.

Board of Directors CCXP Mexico 2024
Tim Miller, Louis Leterrier and Jon Watts will be the guests of “Directors in Direction” at CCXP Mexico 2024. Photo: with kind permission.

The guests of “Directors in Management” at CCXP Mexico 2024

This body was originally commanded Collider, the renowned film and television news website founded by Steven Weintraub, who is currently editor-in-chief. The initiative has gone through various congresses and now it is CCXP Mexico 2024 to welcome it with some luxury guests.

It will be Weintraub himself who comes to the event to take advantage of this opportunity again. And so that you can prepare, we tell you who the guests will be, who have also had an interesting journey in Marvel productions.

Board of Directors CCXP Mexico 2024
Steven Weintraub will present the Collider panel at CCXP Mexico 2024. Photo: Getty.

Jon Watts comes to CDMX for the convention

Very confirmed… Jon Watts, director of the trilogy of Spider-Man with Tom Holland will be at CCXP Mexico 2024. But of course his experience isn’t just based on what he’s done in the Marvel cinematic universe.

With the film, he also has directing credits in horror films clown from 2014, as well as in the thriller Police Car starring Kevin Bacon.

Additionally, this will be a great opportunity to explore with him the transition from directing music videos for bands like… Death Cab For Cutie, Swedish House Mafia, Sleigh Bells, TV On The Radio and Fatboy Slimto become a film director.

Board of Directors CCXP Mexico 2024
Jon Watts. Photo: Getty.

Tim Miller will also become Director of Management CCXP Mexico 2024

Also the director of the first film Dead Pool will be part of the Directors in Management at CCXP Mexico 2024. Tim Miller joins the panel moderated by Steven Weintraub Where, beyond his experience in the Marvel film, we will certainly explore what he has done as a filmmaker and creative in other projects.

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Let’s remember that in the cinema Miller ventured into the action genre within the film Terminator: Dark Fate. Of course, some may remember him better Be the creator of the hit series Love, death and robotsin which he directed several episodes.

It will be interesting to talk about your experiences not only as a director but also as a project manager. He has experienced other directing styles as other filmmakers have directed chapters of the series.

Board of Directors CCXP Mexico 2024
Tim Miller. Photo: Getty.

Louis Leterrier concludes the guest panel for this edition of the congress

As mentioned, the Directors in Direction guests at CCXP Mexico 2024 are filmmakers with a Marvel past. And in this sense, Louis Leterrier is known for his work in film The incredible Hulk from 2008, which was surprising at the time since it became canon in the MCU.

His film journey continued more recently Fast X and in the last decade with Wrath of the Titans And Illusionists. We’ll see what he has in store for his talk on the panel.

Directors on the Management Board of CCXP Mexico 2024
Louis Leterrier. Photo: Getty.

What has been announced so far for CCXP Mexico 2024

The announcement of the CCXP Mexico 2024 Directors in Management Panel comes after several key announcements from the event. Studies confirmed for this first edition include: Amazon Prime, Paramount and Warner Bros. Discovery.

It was also just announced that there will be a special panel for the film border areas by Eli Roth, where the director will be present … Could it be that someone from the great cast will come with Cate Blanchett as the protagonist? Lets see what happens.

Remember that the CCXP Mexico will take place from May 3rd to 5th at the Citibanamex Center in CDMX. And of course, the Blaze Trends team is here to bring you the best coverage, so pay attention, hey.

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