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Is Pearl Jam’s new album any good? Here we tell you everything and references to previous albums.

Is it really good? Dark matter by Pearl Jam or are you just saying that because you’re a fan? This question not only applies perfectly to the Seattle band’s album 12, but to everyone’s opinion about music in general.

Yes, we accept it. The scholarship holder is a fan, but we also have to admit that the last three albums weren’t her favorites. On this occasion, Eddie Vedder and Co. relied on Andrew Watt (Bone Colorado fan of the band). Dark matterand who has worked with the Rolling Stones, Ozzy Osbourne, Post Malone, Iggy Pop and on Eddie Vedder’s latest solo album.

Guitarist Mike McCready praised Watt, noting that he was focused on getting the best out of himself as quickly as possible. And since I’m a big fan, I asked them and remembered things they had done in previous works. He even lifted elements that Matt Cameron had used at Soundgarden. Does it sound promising? It is. And here we tell you what we discovered:

Pearl Jam Dark Matter Review
PHOTO: Danny Clinch / Facebook Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam’s “Dark Matter” explores the band’s influences

Dark matter by Pearl Jam starts with “Scared of Fear”, the powerful and rocking song, but the highlight is that it is subtle Stone Gossard’s guitar and the mood it gives us when the intensity drops reminds us of “Alone”, one of the B-sides of the Vs, a time when Gossard and Ament still had almost complete creative control. This is the first track of the album.

Things continue in earnest with “React, Respond,” the first taste of this Level that Mike McCready creates with his riffs a song that could easily have been on the album of the same name (aka “Avocado”), in the style of “World Wide Suicide.”

To continue to balance the mood “Wreckage”, the third single, which has a very clear Tom Petty influence, very fitting for Vedder’s role as a soloist, full of nostalgic sounds. It’s not the band’s typical song that the casual fan would expect, but it’s one of the best on the album, in the Troubadour style that the most loyal fans will surely recognize throughout the discography.

Appears “Dark Matter”, the first single, which is definitely not the star song, But it is this album’s representative of the punk influence that has been present to a greater or lesser extent over the years. Then comes “Won’t Tell”, another contrasting song after the guitar strum, a song with a lot of rock-pop vibes, an infallible formula that even It reminds us of The Edge’s guitar back then The Joshua Tree by U2.

Pearl Jam revisits unforgettable moments from past albums In Dark matter

And if we’re talking about moments in Pearl Jam’s career, this is it It’s impossible not to compare the beginning of the song “Upper Hand” to “Nothing as It Shine.” a classic from binaural with the Jeff Ament seal, but what perhaps predominates most is the influence of Pink Floyd and what makes it most recognizable to the classic rock ear.

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On the other hand, legend has it that Eddie Vedder wrote “Waiting For Stevie” just waiting for Stevie Wonder, and the lyrics don’t disappoint at all: “You can be loved by everyone but still not feel love.” The main riff grabs you, but this song is without a doubt from Matt Cameron, who gives it the intensity it needs to not be a ballad but a Pearl Jam song. Extra points for Mike McCready’s solo at the end, which reminded us of some very memorable tunes from the year Avocado.

“Something Special” in particular follows the same path as the last albums lightning, In both sound and lyrics, it focuses more on the family dynamics of Eddie Vedder, who conveys a clear message to his daughters in this song: “If things get really messed up and you need help, do it yourself, you’re not the type of person who needs a man.”

fans of yield either No code? “Got To Give” has this whole vibe to it, just as they themselves were starting to experiment with their identity in the mid-to-late 90s. A sound that was criticized at the time, but over the years has become one of the fans’ favorite albums. This song is for those who are stuck on their fourth and fifth albums.

New Pearl Jam album
pearl jam | PHOTO: Danny Clinch

After Dark matter, Will Pearl Jam still be around for a while?

The album ends with “Setting Sun”a natural closing by reducing the speed, but that does not mean it is less powerful. It’s a beautiful song, both in music and lyrics. Vedder sees the sunset and for grunge fans we know everything that goes with it: “Am I the only one left? We can become the last sunset.”

Eddie Vedder is aware that the band’s natural course may be coming to an end: “You realize that you have to be healthy. You want to be there for your children. “You want to make good records, and maybe we only have one or two left.” Known for MOJO Magazine.

Mike McCready
Mike McCready, Pearl Jam guitarist | PHOTO: Michael Ryan Kravetsky / Facebook Pearl Jam

Dark matter It’s a gift for the fans

In total: Pearl Jam’s 12th album is a tour of great sonic memories of the band and their influences. Musically it’s a gem with Mike McCready and Matt Cameron as protagonists; Vedder’s lyrics reflect his moments since the beginning of his career, while Jeff Ament and Stone Gossard remain the solid and brilliant foundation on which everything is born.

An album to delight the lifelong fan, perhaps a reconciliation for those lost along the way. Is it something completely innovative that will change the course of rock history? No, and it is unlikely that they will win over new generations, but definitely It’s a great treat for the fan base of all ages and a great album in the hard rock genre.

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